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The UK's Most Advanced
   Multi Claims Platform.

From End-To-End Client Capture To "Real-Time"
 AI Processed Claims Directly To Providers.

Over 41 Financial & 26 Personal Injury Products Covered.

Strategically Built For UK Law Firms.

* Easily Scale Your Campaigns To High Volumes - No Call Centre Needed.

* Use The
AI Platform To Simplify & Manage Large Legal Case Loads & Projects.

* Instant
AI Links For Volume GLO Cases Processed Directly To The Court.

* Process Up To
3000 Cases Per Day In "Real-Time" Directly To Providers.

"Righting Wrongs - Along The Way."

AI In Legal.

Specialist Claims Solicitor

Firms & Personal Injury Companies.

AI In Claims.

Claims Management &

Debt Management Companies.

AI In Insolvency.

Insolvency Practitioners IVA/Trust Deeds - IFA's & Accountants.

AI In Advocacy.

Comparison Sites, Charity Groups

& Citizen Advice Centres.

 >>> AI Client Onboarding.

AI driven self-service client portal assisting your firm in engaging, converting, and retaining volume  clients with multiple cases.

>>> AI Account Management.

Separate staff logins, ease of access, jointly transfer client data in/out of their account, add new claim types, uploads & notes.

>>> AI Client Communications.

Update clients on required tasks. Email/text reminders & reports, instant support buttons,  full  client claim progress & timeline.

>>> AI Client Documentation.

Full claim related AI automated
client a
greements. All doc's auto eSigned & added to each claim.
LOA's - DOA  T&C - KYC - AML's. 

At OCC We Are Passionate About AI.

Some Of Our Partners Utilising Our AI Platforms.

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Fast Track Reclaim.
The Insolvency Group.
the-complaints-people-low-resolution-color-logo (2).png
The Complaints People.
OCC Sea 01_edited.jpg
eClaims UK.

Test Drive Our "White Label" AI Platform Today.
Simply Sign Up & Click.

Thanks Your Link Is On Its Way.

Security Parameters.

  • ISO & SOC Accreditation.

Via our cloud systems, we fully benefit from the following external accreditations including: ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018ISO27701  and

transparent SOC 3 T2.

  • Fully Compliant Audit Trails.

We have configured automatic audit trails to ensuring  complete records of any user accessing any data asset across our AI Platform systems.

  • Encryption & Authentication.

Sensitive information: passwords, authentication codes, payment data, is fully encrypted at source ensuring it cannot be exploited in the event of a data breach.

  • Sensitive Data Code.

Sensitive &  important data hard drives are stored in remote safe locations, accessible only by authorised Senior management.


OCC AI Platforms.






The AI Software Platforms allow your clients to instantly check over 41 Financial products or PI clients, 26 Personal Injury products, all within your unique White Label platform account.

Then clients can instantly generate & evidence in "Real-Time" a full compliance report & breakdown of their particular complaint & claim.


Thereafter the report is stored within the platform dashboard for processing by your staff. Inclusive of LOA & all appropriate mandates, auto-eSigned by the client.

Your staff then check and auto-processes in "Real-Time" these complaints & claims, all from the platform, directly to the client's bank, provider, or insurance company, by a simple CLICK.

Additionally, if required claims can be added to the regulator platform link & instantly processed to the appropriate regulator in real-time.


All transactions are logged and time-stamped within the client's account.


The OCC software platform quickly red flags compliance breaches, for potential overcharging,  miscalculations, and mis-selling within your client's financial products.


Allowing for structured and fully evidenced client complaints.


Clients click & complete the iFrame link, generating a detailed compliance report in real-time.


Your staff fully review & send the AI-generated report/s instantly, in "real-time" and in volume directly to the lender or provider, all within the platform.


Our AI Platform software delivers excellent availability anytime, anywhere. Mobiles, PC, Laptops, Tablets.


Using multiple redundancy technologies covering our hardware, networks, data centers, and infrastructure.


You can simply choose a financial product for review by your client/s, adding that product directly into their account on your AI platform.


The client clicks the link, completes the AI prompts, and generates a potential claim.

" Ahead Of Its Time AI Software."

We Take Pride in Our Numbers.


Years of Experience Covering Financial Complaints & Claims.


Years Researching & Developing

AI Platforms.


Products Covered Plus An Additional 26 For Personal Injury.


AI Generative Report Functions Including  Live Processing.


Knowledge Based & Multiple Help Videos Within The Platforms.

    The Anatomy Of An AI Claim.

  • The full quantum of the claim.

  • The budget required to run the claim process.

  • Who is engaged in the claim.

  • The legal foundations & basis of the claim.

  • What advice has been accrued.

  • Plaintiff & Defendant Details.

  • An outline of recoverability.

Easily Use Our Intuitive AI Software.

£Millions In Payouts Due Back To
Consumers & Business Owners Each Year.

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