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About Us.


OCC Is Not A Claims Company Or Legal Firm. We are a growing AI FinTech Software Company lazer focused on financial claims. We do not advise, investigate, or represent claimants. In the UK you require to be fully licensed by the FCA or the appropriate solicitors regulatory body, to advise, investigate or represent a claimant. Please check out the FCA requirements you need to fulfill, by clicking - HERE.


With 45 Years Of Experience In Complaints & Claims. We Built Unique Easy To Use B2B & B2C Centric AI Software Platforms. OCC offers an innovative software platform creating a linked bridge between Consumer's AI & professional licensed claims providers.

Allowing Claims Companies - Personal Injury Solicitors - Accountants - Insolvency Practitioners Independent Financial Advisors - Debt Management Companies - Call Centres & 3rd Sector Charities to facilitate "real-time" automated evidenced complaints & claims processing in volume for their clients.

We Operate A Remote Working Environment Option Allowing Us To Appoint The Best Staff Regardless Of Their Location & Strive To Bring The Complaints & Claims Sector Into The 21st Century.

OCC Small Language Model (SLM).

We  operate our own private data moat around our operational  SLM, developed & trained on all matters complaints & claims related. We are creating a complex ever growing & trained data set & parameter base.


Our AI Multi Claims Platform is unique & Ahead Of It's Time.

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The Positive Effects Of Our AI Platforms.

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Our mission is to make the Financial Products Market as well as the Personal Injuries sector "Work Better" for Consumers & Business owners. Our AI B2B software operates a simple but unique reactive AI real-time online dispute resolution (ODR) platform, designed to make sure banks, lenders, and other financial institutions treat their customers fairly.


Offering a platform for seeking out, redress, accurate remediation payouts, and accountability within the sector.

As an innovator in B2B RegTech, we aim to promote transparency through positive technological change within the financial product market.


We provide "real-time" AI B2B software platforms that allow quick and easy access to check consumer financial products for compliance and regulatory adherence markers covering but not limited to; overcharging compliance breaches and potential misleading or mis-selling practices.


AI Auto Detection Of Claims.

AI Generation Of ALL Client Doc's.

Volume Processing in "Real-Time."

Direct Link To Lenders / Providers.

System Operational 24 / 7.

Instant Client Onboarding.

AI Auto Generated Client Accounts.

Your Clients Can Access Their Account & Communicate With Your Team Directly.


Plus Much More ..........

Our CEO has over 30 years in the claims industry and was previously licensed by the Ministry Of Justice (MOJ) authorized to deal with financial claims. We decided in 2018 to harness our experience & develop software, that would allow consumers to check, generate, and evidence their own complaints, by building our bespoke AI software platforms.

Using structured digitized technology, combined with our unique purpose-built AI financial product compliance indexed carousel database, working beneath the software platforms.


This allows the software to generate multiple seamless financial reports of standardized Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) formats, for clients to use in properly evidencing, complaints, and claims to their financial providers and legal agents.

Fast forward to 2023, having built & tested our OCC Beta platform, we then decided to commercialize & accommodate the expanding need for our B2C & B2B business related software services - Thereafter our OCC AI B2B software platform was launched.

Experience & Skill
Combined With
Ahead Of Its Time

AI Software.

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